Happy Birthday Post – Ink Illustrations and Pencil Sketches From March!

I once read a quote that said “growing old is a privilege denied to many.” I don’t want to ever shy away from my age but wear each year as a badge of gratitude. It’s a wild world out there and things get hard. I can say I’m still here, right now. Here’s to hope, life and believing in good.

Nearly all of my family is international so I never really got to enjoy grandparents as a kid. We have a long-time family friend named Mary that has filled that space beautifully for me over the years. I saw this flower while on a walk with her.

Hibiscus flower drawing

On a random note, I love the color of the paper in this sketchpad. That warm ivory is so lovely. I’ll miss it once the pad is done.

These next sketches are from a meet-up with my co-workers just 2 weekends ago. We had an art night. It’s tough to get in “draw-for-fun” time when you’re a professional artist. This art night hopefully marks the beginning of the end of that challenge. It was delightful.

Sketches of mushrooms and an apple

This last sketch needed more space so I used my larger pad that happens to have toned paper. Remember this from a previous post? It’s been a faithful sketch pad to me.

Sketch of a skull

Have a great day! And if it happens to be your birthday as well, Happy Birthday! 🙂


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