Keeping Memories Alive: Restoring and Re-imagining an Old Photograph in Photoshop

I normally use Photoshop to draw and paint and so I love having opportunities to use it for things that are outside of my regular range of tasks. Here, I restored a photo that is old and damaged. It is the memento of a dear friend.

Here is the original photo, pre-restoration, with stains and marks.


Below, I have used the healing brush, clone stamp, and the channel mixer to remove the damage.

After restoring it, I added color and changed the background. I considered adding another figure that I had found in an old photo archive. But, I wanted to give my friend the final piece. Because of that, it was important to me to preserve the essence of the memory as is. She was delighted with the result : ).


This was certainly a fun project. There is definitely room for improvement, but I am content with the result.

Thanks for looking! Feel free to comment, like or share!

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