A Summer’s Worth of Blooms: Pen and ink flower illustrations.

Hi there! So, it’s no secret that I love flowers. I think they have the loveliest sense of design and that they settle into the prettiest shapes. From robust blooms to delicate little sprouts; they just delight me!

This spring, I attended an artist talk by Joan Linder. Seeing her intricate ink illustrations reminded me of how much I enjoyed working in ink. I love the boldness and the permanency of the lines and how every stroke is a statement that I can not take back.

So, I thought, wouldn’t it be a nice challenge to draw in ink? I know of many artists that do this phenomenally and I have always admired that. Below are flower ink illustrations that I have done this summer. They are done in my sketch pad with a micron pen. They are drawn from garden walks and flowers in my neighborhood. Enjoy!


Thanks for looking, and have a great day!

Update 3/6/18: If you think it would be cool to hang this art on your wall or have it on your iPhone case visit my Society6 page for products with your favorite piece of art!

Send me an message with recommendations of what to post if you don’t find one that you like already posted there.

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