How Mechanical Loading Stimulates Bone Remodeling – A Medical Illustration

Hello! I am following up on an earlier post that I made showing the color compositions of an illustration in progress. I had revisited my graduate school research project and created a new illustration. The goal here was to show how mechanically loading bone can stimulate changes in the actual bone structure. The final image is below!

Mechanical loading and the Stimulation of bone remodeling

I entered this poster into the AMI 2017 Salon this year. Here is the “Intended of Purpose” statement that I submitted it with.

“Bone-building exercises place mechanical loads and forces on the bones. The sensation of these forces, in turn, stimulates micro-architectural changes in the bone. These changes can strengthen and refresh the bone, making it more capable of handling future forces. This illustration depicts the fluid-filled canalicular network in which mechanical forces are sensed and responded to. It also shows the connection between a macro-level activity and the resultant micro-level changes.”

As a side note, I find that runners are often depicted as fit 20-somethings. For my poster, I chose an older man because my research was also about osteoporosis prevention. Bone health is a lifelong endeavor and there are steps that we can take throughout all stages of life to strengthen our bones for the future.

Lastly, I am updating this site little by little and will start publishing weekly on here. I hope you enjoyed the illustration. Have a great day!


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